HOw TO BEcome a Membership of TFFC or TESCA

Membership is open to those involved with the fire/EMS/rescue chaplaincy whether full-time career or volunteer.

Membership Qualifications:

                      1. You must be appointed to the chaplaincy and actively servicing by a Fire, EMS, or Rescue service agency.

                      2. You must have an endorsement by your religious body for ministry as a chaplain.

                      3.  Pay annual dues of $100.00.

                                      (This will also meet your annual dues requirements  to the National Federation of Fire Chaplains.)

                      4.  Please note that all Certification submitted will be verified with the certifying agency. This is to help                                       ensure our level of integrity and excellence will be met. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains or Tennessee Emergency Service Chaplains Association you may join by clicking on the link below to download the form. 

Please read the membership application carefully and complete it in its entirety.  Please enclose all the documentation (ie. ecclesiastical support letter, letter of chaplain appointment with your agency, ordination paperwork, and any supporting certifications, etc.) along with the completed form and your check in the amount of $100.00  payable to TFFC. 

                                   Then send all information to the following address:
                                                           Chaplain Paul Trumpore
                                                           TFFC Executive Director
                                                           908 Kimberlin Heights Rd.
                                                           Knoxville, Tennessee  37920-8926


Once your application has been received and reviewed you will be contacted with the status of your membership. If for some reason your membership is rejected your annual dues will be refunded.

Download theTFFC Membership Application here!