23 Februrary 

From Chaplain Chris Young

Chaplains sorry for the delay in getting our new website up, thank you for patients. We are still adjusting a few things and adding content. So, please let me know if you have any suggestions. Hope you enjoy the site. 

See you all soon.



The only way that we at the Tennessee Fedreation of Fire Chaplains can meet the needs of those we serve is through relationships. Relationships with one another, other departments, and other agencies all with the common goal to serve our fellow man whereever and when ever the need may arise.

TFFC and TESCA is made up of individuals from various Departments across Tennessee with a desire to serve not just the community in which they live but all across our state.  It is in serving you when you need it  that we truly meet our calling.  That is why we have multiple quick response teams across Tennessee to answer every call within a timely fashion.


We believe that respect and diginty are of utmost importance when assisting you in your time of need and we believe that in order to fulfill the honor that has been placed on each individual who is a part of our team you must have INTERGEITY.  It is only when we hold ourselves and each other to such a standard can we truly be effective.

Honor, Dignity and Respect

RISE To serve 


You deserve execllence and that is what we promise to provide, regardless  of your need you can be assured you are in receiveing the exellence you and deparment or family deserves. We are among the most quaified, highly trained and best equipped Fire Chaplains in America.  That is why every chaplain within our federation has promised to RISE and meet  any need you may have.

Tennessee Federation of 
Fire Chaplains