Beginning January 2019, the Tennessee Department of Health will be establishing the Tennessee Disaster Mental Health Strike Team through the Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains (TFFC).

TFFC will provide training, management, and deployment of these Strike Teams. 

Theses Strike Teams will be a cadre of trained Chaplain, Mental Health, and Emergency Service Peer Professionals,  who will serve specific regions with 2 primary purposes.

1. To provide Mental Health First Aid, Crisis Intervention and initial mental health triage for citizens and emergency responders following major disasters. 

2. To provide a timely initial referral to Licensed Mental Health Care Professionals — including immediate emergency referrals when appropriate. 

This Strike Team in no way displaces or replaces mental health services. However, this team is to be highly trained in mental health screening, mental health first aid, crisis intervention and most importantly: effective referral. Using this Strike Team concept, the team is able to refer to whatever mental health agency is appropriate and available in a timely manner.

In accordance with this initiative, the Strike Team Leadership Council seeks members from the following backgrounds to be part of this elite team:
 Licensed Mental Health Professionals
 Licensed Emergency Medical Professionals
 Commission Certified Firefighter Professionals
 POST Certified Law Enforcement Professionals
 TARS Certified Rescue Professionals
 Licensed Medical Care Professionals
 Board Certified Chaplain Professionals
 Certified Education Professionals
 Crisis Intervention Specialists
 Other Professionals that will add to the strength of the team

If you are interested in being a part of the TENNESSEE DISASTER MENTAL HEALTH STRIKE TEAM

please fill out the application and send it along with the requested documents to:

TFFC - TNDMHST Registrar
908 Kimberlin Heights Road
Knoxville, TN 37920-8926

Tennessee Emergency Service Chaplains Association


Tennessee Disaster Mental Health Strike Team

Information and Application