The Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains and the Tennessee Emergency Services

Chaplains Association, is an incorporated,  non-profit  organazation founded in 1978

to serve all emergency service departments, personnel, and thier families throughout

the Volunteer state with the aid, comfort, and help in some of the most challenging

times imaginable.  We work in concert with the National Federation of Fire Chaplains

and serve as liasons for the families of heros who given their lives in service to others.

Both TFFC and TESCA  is made up of men and women from various faith backgrounds

and actively serve as chaplains in an Emergency Service or Department  within our

state. Each volunteer is fully vetted an must meet strengent requiresments in order to

serve our state with the excellence you deserve. 

We are a non-denominational, non-sectraian, organiazation and serve out of a lov for God and a compassion for our fellow man having respect for his beliefs and convictions whatever they may be. We hold to a strict non-proselytization policy as we are here to serve and not be served.


We provide many areas of assisitance from Critical Incendent Crisis Intervention and Managment, both group and individual, to providing Rehab trailers for long term incidents. All of these services are available to any department in all 3 grand divisions upon request.

To fullfill our promise we set a high standard of  training to provide the quality of care you can appreciate and count on when the need arises. Our Certified Chaplains are recognized by intitions such as the Red Cross and US Army Chaplains Corp as some of the best trained Chaplains in service today. 

Our unofficial motto is: RISE to Serve. This is at the very heart of every Chaplain in our organazation.

We invite you to visit our Membership page and Training pagefor the latest information on classes and how to sign up and become part of our team.  You can click here or from the navigation bar above​.

About TFFC and TESCA